QBARS - v31n4 1977-78 Propagation Project of Potomac Valley Chapter

1977-78 Propagation Project of Potomac Valley Chapter
August E. Kehr, Silver Springs, Maryland
Reprinted from Potomac Valley Chapter Newsletter

Difficulties in making scarce rhododendrons and azaleas more widely available have been partially overcome in the Massachusetts Chapter through the development of a propagation project within that Chapter. Their success has encouraged a similar effort in the Potomac Valley Chapter. At the spring meeting of our Chapter, I was given the assignment of developing a propagation project of this Chapter. The project functions as follows:
1. Members of the Potomac Valley Chapter who wished to donate cuttings of scarce and hard to propagate rhododendrons and azaleas completed a donor list. This avoided duplications. No varieties were accepted by the Project which are readily available at any local nursery.
2. After review of the donor lists, members were asked to submit a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 25 cuttings of each cultivar to the Project in late July or early August, 1977.
3. The cuttings were assembled and rooted by a competent propagator.
4. The rooted cuttings will be distributed in the spring of 1978 with first priority to those who donated cuttings, and second priority to other Chapter members, using a number system to assure equitable distribution.
5. The cost of each rooted cutting is estimated to be about $0.90 for rhododendrons and $0.50 for azaleas to cover propagation expenses.