QBARS - v31n4 ARS Slide Library - May 1977

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American Rhododendron Society Slide Library - May 1977


"Propagation of Rhododendrons", audio by Jack Lofthouse
"Rhododendron Species in the Phetteplace Gardens", audio by Dr. Carl Phettleplace, M. D.
"Broderick Castle Gardens", audio by John Basford, Isle of Arran, Scotland
"Malesian Rhododendrons in Australia" by Arthur Headlam, audio by Dr. J. P. Evans, M. D.
"Rhododendrons in New Zealand Gardens" by H. D. Lasker, script for reading.

"The National Rhododendron Garden - Olinda, Australia", audio by Arthur Headlam. A 79 slide presentation. Excellent photography.

"Rhododendrons in Their Species" by Warren Berg, with script for reading. A presentation of some 150 plus slides divided into two parts - the lepidotes and elepidotes. Within each group the evolution and relationship of the series is shown.

"Malesian Rhododendrons" by Dr. H. Sleumer, Ph. D., with script for reading. This is an 82 slide and lecture program that was presented to the Seattle and Portland Chapters by Dr. Sleumer. This was reproduced at considerable expenditure of time and money by Dr. Frank D. Mossman, M.D., Vice President of the Portland Chapter for use by the ARS Slide Library.

There is a $50.00 deposit for each presentation and a $35.00 refund when the program is returned in the same condition as when it was sent out. The Eastern Slide Library Chairman is Emil F. Hager, Albertson, NY. The Western Chairman is Art Dome, Seattle, WA.