QBARS - v32n1 Donald J. Stanton

Donald J. Stanton
Dr. August Kehr, Silver Spring, Maryland

The American Rhododendron Society has lost one of its very staunch overseas members, Donald J. Stanton, Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia. On August 11, Don had a heart attack and, while he was quickly taken to the hospital, the physicians could not save him.
Up until the time of his attack, he was a happy and very active man and got great enjoyment from his labor of love, the local Rhododendron Park. The park is coming along very well and is a lasting tribute to the wise foresight and dogged determination of Don Stanton and his co-workers.
Don Stanton had a vast collection of rhododendrons, especially Vireyas. These plants are being cared for where they are for the time being but with the help of Dr. Peter Valder and Bill Mearns will gradually be moved to Rhododendron Park and to the home of his son, Donald J. Stanton, Mount Onsley, Wollongong, NSW, Australia. Don, Jr. has told us that anyone interested in his father's collection should feel free to write at the address given.