QBARS - v32n1 National Photography Show

National Photography Show
Herbert Mayer

The New York Chapter, host for the 1978 National Convention, will stage a National Photography Show along the guidelines originally set forth by Franklin H. West on pg. 177 of the July '76 Quarterly Bulletin
Local chapters are encouraged to hold their own contests before May 1978. The winning photographs from each contest category from each chapter must be in the hands of the National Photography Show Chairman, Herbert A. Mayer, Huntington, N. Y., before May 7, 1978.
Suggested contest categories are: I. Species rhododendrons; II. Rhododendron hybrids, lepidote; III. Rhododendron hybrids, elepidote; IV. Native azalea species; V. Hybrid deciduous azaleas; VI. Evergreen azaleas; VII. Azaleas and rhododendrons in the garden or landscape; VIII. Rhododendron people, activities and events. A possible ninth category is Azaleodendrons.
Categories I to VI could have four subdivisions: a. Close-up of flower or truss - 1. 2x2 color slide, 2. black and white print 8x10; b. Whole plant - 3. 2x2 color slide, 4. black and white print 8x10. Contest entrants will be asked to permit the Editor of the Quarterly and the Director of the Slide Library to select any entry for duplication and possible publication.
Local chapters should combine contest categories and/or limit the number of entries from each chapter member as their own situation demands. Only the first place winning slides (one per category) from legitimate ARS chapters will be accepted for the National Photography Show. We regret that logistic considerations preclude accepting entries directly from individual members. In addition, winning slides from the 1977 national contest are not eligible for the 1978 national contest.