QBARS - v32n1 Nominating Committee Report

Nominating Committee Report

The Nominating Committee proposes the following list of six nominees from which four directors will be elected for three-year terms starting June, 1978. In contrast to previous years, ballots are included in this issue of the Quarterly and should be returned as soon as possible but in no event, later than April 1. Another departure this year is the fact that the ballots are prepaid and require no postage. It is hoped that this will bring a significant increase in the number of replies received from the membership. Each member should vote for four nominees and the four nominees receiving the highest number of votes will be elected to the National Board. As in past years, positions on the ballot have been drawn by lot to avoid any possibility of ballot position influencing the occasional voter.

GUSTAV A. L. MEHLQUIST, Ph.D. , Storrs, Connecticut; Connecticut Chapter; Retired Professor of Botany and Plant Breeding, University of Connecticut; Charter member and first president of Connecticut Chapter; grower and breeder of rhododendrons for more than 20 years; participant in Breeders' Round Table several years; director, A.R.S. Species Foundation; Bronze Medal Connecticut Chapter; Gold Medals from American Orchid Society, Massachusetts Horticultural Society, American Rhododendron Society (1975).

WILLIAM J. CURTIS, Sherwood, Oregon; Portland Chapter; Chapter Board member; nurseryman growing evergreen azaleas and rhododendrons; past president of International Plant Propagators" Society and Oregon Association of Nurserymen; current treasurer of OAN; awarded Bronze Medal by Portland Chapter.

GEORGE W. RING , Fairfax, Virginia; Potomac Valley Chapter; former past president and currently on Potomac Valley Chapter Board; chairman of the Gable Study Group; active member National Ratings Committee; avid rhododendron hybridizer for many years and participant in Breeders' Round Table since inception; gives frequent talks to chapters and has attended many national Board meetings.

TED RICHARDSON , Mountain Home, North Carolina; Southeastern Chapter; commercial rhododendron nurseryman with unique and effective plant growing method uses sites in North Carolina and Florida; past president and currently Board member Southeastern Chapter; active in nursery associations and International Plant Propagators' Society; currently Board member North Carolina Nurserymen's Association; gives frequent talks at rhododendron and nursery meetings throughout United States.

DR. L. KEITH WADE , North Vancouver, British Columbia; Vancouver Chapter; speaker at chapter and national meetings; professor of Botany at Capilano College; Research Associate, University of British Columbia Botanic Garden in charge of Rhododendron Research; has studied rhododendrons in native habitats in New Guinea, Sikkim, Canada and Alaska; collector and grower of rhododendrons.

HAROLD GREER , Eugene, Oregon; Eugene Chapter; Vice-president of Chapter; speaker at 1977 National Meeting and at many Western Chapter meetings; nurseryman growing species and hybrid rhododendrons. Hybridizer and introduces of rhododendrons including 'Trude Webster' S. P. A.

Respectfully submitted,
For the Nominating Committee
Dr. August E. Kehr
Donald S. Kellam, Jr., MD
A. Hadley Osborn
Dr. Robert L. Ticknor
Alfred S. Martin, Chairman