QBARS - v32n2 American Rhododendron Society Plant Awards for 1977

The ARS Plant Awards For 1977

Award of Excellence Not awarded
Conditional Award
Portland Chapter
'Amigo' C. A.   Rated 3/4 ( R. aberconwayi x 'Witch Doctor') Hybridized and exhibited by Dr. David Goheen, Camas, WA. Flowers saucer to flat-saucer shaped 3 in. across with 5-6 frilled lobes in ball trusses of 12-15 flowers.
A bicolor, medium neyron rose (55B) shading to barium yellow (10A) heavily spotted rhodonite red (51A).
Plant upright branching well with stiff branches. 40 in. by 20 in. wide in 9 years. E.L. 1971 given one year extension in 1976. Late April, early May. Hardy to at least 5°.
'Tokatee' C.A. Rated 4/4 ('Mars' x williamsianum ) Cross by Ben Lancaster. Raised and Introduced by Molly and Louis Grothaus, Lake Oswego, Oregon. Flowers 2¾ in. across, widely funnel campanulate, truss 7-flowered. Very floriferous.
Flowers dark neyron rose (55A) at outer edge shading to light neyron rose (55D) at center of lobes and in throat. Lightly spotted rose red (58B), reverse also rose red.
Plant 2 ft. high by 4 ft. wide in 15 years, rounded semi-dwarf, branching well. Mid April. Hardy to 0°. E.L. 1975.
Eligibility List
Plant Chapter Originator Exhibitor
'Impeanum' x 'Blue Diamond' Portland Robert Ticknor Robert Ticknor
R. augustinii x 'Blue Diamond' Portland Robert Ticknor Robert Ticknor
(Through 1977)
Superior Plant Award (S. P. A.) 'Lemon Mist' '69
'Lem's Cameo' '71 'Maricee' '59
'Trude Webster' '71 'Mary Fleming' '73
Award of Excellence (A. E.) 'Mary Harmon' (Mrs. Donald Graham)
x R. occidentale
(subject to naming)
'Annie Dalton' '60
'Atroflo' '59
'Beechwood Pink' '60 'Meadowbrook' '73
'Blue River' '61 'Mrs. A. F. McEwan' '56
'Cadis' '59 'Mrs. Donald Graham' '58
'Carolyn Grace' '60 'Opal Fawcett' '58
'Catalode' '60 'Parker's Pink' '73
'Cutie' '62 'Roslyn' '73
'David Gable' '60 'Scintillation' '73
R. degronianum '56 'Tyee' '60
'GiGi' '73 'Wheatley' '73
'Ken Janeck' '69 'Windbeam' '73
'Kim' '73 'Wizard' '59