QBARS - v32n2 New Editor

New Editor
by Molly Grothaus

For a number of personal reasons, not the least of which is a desire to get back to working with real rhododendrons instead of rhododendrons on paper, I have submitted my resignation to Dr. E. C. Brockenbrough. It is with regret that I've reached this decision. I have enjoyed being editor especially because of the many friends and acquaintances I've made. I would like to express my thanks for all the help and cooperation I have received and for the considerable time and effort that has been contributed to the Society in the form of excellent and scholarly articles.
Ed Egan, who will be taking over as editor, is currently on the National Board of Directors. He is past president of the Tualatin Valley Chapter and has served in a number of posts for both that chapter and the Portland Chapter.
Ed brings a professional background to his job as editor. He established and operated the large photography department at Textronix which position also involved the writing of surveys and reports. He has contributed each month for the last six years the article and picture on a species carried in the Tualatin Valley Newsletter.
Ed retired early to indulge in his hobby of growing rhododendrons. He will begin his duties as editor with the Summer issue of the Quarterly. Send manuscripts, advertising copy and photographs to Ed Egan, Tigard, Oregon.