QBARS - v32n3 Rhododendron 'Cinnkeys'

Rhododendron 'Cinnkeys'
A. W. Headlam, Bentleigh, Australia

R. 'Cinkeys'
R. 'Cinnkeys'
Photo by Arthur W. Headlam

R. 'Cinnkeys', a hybrid produced by Magor in 1926 received The Royal Horticultural Society's Award of Merit in 1935. From the name, 'Cinnkeys' it is not difficult to deduce the names of the parents of this attractive hybrid, R. cinnabarinum x R. keysii , the latter being in the Series Cinnabarinum, nor are its clusters of tubular orange red flowers with a yellow flare on the corolla lobes unexpected, as they have inherited the shape and some of the coloring of the parents. It makes a fairly compact shrub, and the flowers are set off to advantage by the dark green foliage.