QBARS - v32n4 Love Affair

Love Affair
By Carol Johnsen

My love affair with rhodies, Rosamundi so lovely, so quick to appear,
Began when I was just a child. Often wears snow in her hair.
We lived along the Hood Canal, Unique, Blue Diamond, and Boule de Neige,
Where Rhododendrons all grew wild. King George and his court are all there.
Years flew by and time was spent, Princess Elizabeth, Lord Roberts,
Out in the great Mid-west, The Honorable Jean Marie,
Raising "kids" and growing older, Dutchess of York, Countess of Derby,
Until we earned our "rest." And Professor Hugo DeVries,
Retirement time we decided to spend The Species - enchanting! Their beauty so rare,
Back in Washington State. With names so hard to pronounce,
So we bought 12 acres, built a house, Fortunei, keiskei, orbiculare,
And planted Rhodies by the gate. Yakusimanum, souliei, and lutescens.
Now I plant each precious Rhody, Now comes the time we may have to move,
With lots of tender-loving care, Away from the fir trees so tall,
Dreaming of the years to come, Away from my rhodies, the mountains and sea,
When they'll be blooming there. Back to Missouri in Fall.
"Which one's your favorite?" some will say, For hardiness ratings I've poured o'er my books,
"The old, the new, the large or small? Checking them all with great care.
Pink, Red, Yellow, Orange or Blue?" There's one I desire that would thrive in K. C.
How can I say? I love them all! Do you have a Ken Janek to spare?