QBARS - v32n4 Summary of the International Rhododendron Conference

Summary Of The International Rhododendron Conference
Dr. James L. Luteyn

Melva and William Philipson (center) enjoy lunch with Barbara Palser 
(extreme left) and William Hatheway (extreme right)
Melva and William Philipson (center) enjoy lunch with guests
Barbara Palser (extreme left) and William Hatheway (extreme right)

On May 15-17, 1978, the New York Botanical Garden and The American Rhododendron Society co-sponsored an International Rhododendron Conference at the New York Botanical Garden. Fifteen speakers and 65 registrants were in attendance for the meetings which were held in the pleasant surroundings of the Garden's Snuff Mill and Conservatory.
Following welcoming statements by Dr. Howard S. Irwin, President, New York Botanical Garden and by Dr. August E. Kehr, Past-President, American Rhododendron Society, papers were presented over the three day period by some of the world's most distinguished Rhododendron researchers on such diverse subjects as systems of classification and nomenclature, rhododendron cultivars and their registration, chemical and morphological studies, disease control, and insect pests on rhododendron.
A general enthusiasm was expressed at the progress achieved by so many coming together, and at the close of the Conference the consensus was that "the system of Sleumer, as modified by Cullen and Chamberlain and the Philipsons, provides a useful framework for the taxonomic organization of Rhododendron at the level of sections and subgenera."
The proceedings of the Conference will be published in book form next year, and will include a full English translation of Dr. Sleumer's 1949 paper "Ein System der Gattung Rhododendron L."