QBARS - v33n1 Bronze Medal Awards - Portland Chapter

Bronze Medal Awards And Citations, By The Portland Chapter
Siegfried Berthelsdorf, M.D., Chairman Honors Committee

Cy Ward with some of the large plants at his nursery Stan Jewett
Cy Ward with some of the large plants at his nursery Stan Jewett, resting after a hard day in the garden

The bronze medal and citation were awarded to two outstanding members of the Portland chapter, Cy Ward and Stanley Jewett in May, 1978. Both have taken a very active part with the local society activities. Cy Ward, our outstanding plantsman, has been working with rhododendrons for some thirty years, and has demonstrated repeatedly his ability to perceive and provide for the particular needs of a shrub, recognize the particular modifications of its environment as needed to bring a difficult plant back into lively growth. He has been a reliable contributor of plants to our auctions, has distributed his hybrids to rhododendron enthusiasts over the Northwest, and has taken an active interest in our Study Group.
Stanley Jewett has contributed to the society in numerous ways, has demonstrated the value of knowledge of the ecosystem to the development of the plants. He has shown particular interest in the native plants, in particular to the study of the Rhododendron macrophyllum and R. occidentale ; and he has been a most important resource in the care of plants needing a temporary home till problems of permanent planting could be resolved.