QBARS - v33n1 Fred C. Galle Receives Award for Horticultural Research

Fred C. Galle Receives Award For Horticultural Research

Fred Galle
Fred Galle

PINE MOUNTAIN, Ga. The Southern Nurserymen's Association (SNA), has awarded Fred C. Galle, director of horticulture of Callaway Gardens, its Porter Henegar Award for Horticultural Research.
Galle received the award during the recent SNA annual convention in Atlanta for his continual support for horticultural research and "his concern and work toward improving the nursery industry."
Galle, who is nationally known for his horticultural contributions, is a native of Dayton, Ohio. He has been with Callaway Gardens since its conception as an educational, horticultural and recreational complex for the public in 1953.
Galle is one of the first recipients of the Porter Henegar award who is not in the active field of research connected with universities or experimental stations.
"What we have been doing," said Galle, "in research through the SNA is to try to get universities to do 'applied' research for the benefit of nurseries and homeowners, rather than the basic or 'pure' research which cannot be applied. We are making quite a lot of progress in this area."
Besides the Southern Nurserymen's Association, Galle also is active in The American Rhododendron Society, the American Horticultural Society, the American Association of Botanical Gardens and Arboreta and the Georgia Horticulture Society.
Callaway Gardens is owned and operated by the Ida Cason Callaway Foundation, a non-profit educational, scientific, religious and charitable organization. Its wholly owned subsidiary, Gardens Services, Inc., a regular business corporation, operates the recreational, lodging and retail facilities at Callaway Gardens.
The Gardens was conceived and founded by Cason J. Callaway, Sr., and his wife, Virginia Hand Callaway for the purpose of creating and maintaining a place where all may find beauty, peace, inspiration, knowledge and wholesome recreation.