QBARS - v33n1 R. speciosum Hybrid

R. speciosum Hybrid
John H. Henry, Lakemont, Georgia

R. speciosum</i> hybrid
R. speciosum hybrid
Photo by John H. Henry

The common R. speciosum is typically colored from orange to occasionally brilliant reds and hybrids of this with either of possible sources R. canescens or R. nudiflorum can result in extremely beautiful hybrids. Although typically non-fragrant, R. speciosum when hybridized with some of the fragrant forms produces plants with fragrance. This R. speciosum hybrid was found in Oconee County in South Carolina and is a beautiful and unusual plant. I doubt if anyone has seen it before as the locality is in dense brushy type area. The natives around here are deathly afraid of snakes and use this section only during the hunting season.