QBARS - v33n3 Rhododendron Society of Connecticut Chapter Awards Bronze Medal

Rhododendron Society Of Connecticut Bronze Medal Award
April 3, 1979

Nestled in a glade among towering hemlocks, overlooking a small pond, are the home and gardens of a man whose botanic interests fortunately include the genus rhododendron. Endowed with a location in one of Connecticut's more benign climates, this man has planted his park-like grounds with azaleas and rhododendrons. Companion plants are tastefully interspersed throughout. Plants range from arboreal to prostrate, species to hybrids, old and new, native and exotic. The wide range of bloom time, color and foliage create a delight for the frequent visitor as well as for the gardener and his family. A genuine concern for others characterizes this man. In spite of the demands of his profession, care of his grounds, duties and pleasures as a husband and father, he enjoys guiding visitors and friends along his wandering paths. He is quick to share cutting material with those expressing interest.
These attributes alone are sufficient for our admiration. This man, however, further contributes to our society and the pleasure of its members with informative, entertaining programs featuring the native flora of distant lands. Past subjects have included Pakistan, Turkey and the Canadian Rockies. Comments concerning the local peoples and overall geography are skillfully interspersed among his slides. We all look forward to yet more of his adventures in the future.
Last, but not least, this man also enthusiastically contributes to our flower shows, show-and-tells, and plant auctions. He unobtrusively shares his botanical wealth and knowledge with us all as the occasion arises.
This year, therefore, in expression of its appreciation for this past and continuing service, the Rhododendron Society of Connecticut awards its BRONZE MEDAL to Nickolas Nickou

Presentation made by President Peggy Taylor at the annual dinner meeting.