QBARS - v33n3 R. 'Mount Siga' and R. 'Kulu'

R. 'Mount Siga' and R. 'Kulu'
Ray and Jane Goodrich

This issue carries notice of the registration of the two clones of R. vernicosum aff. Rock 18139 which Mr. Joseph B. Gable selected for propagation. Clone #1 Is 'Mount Siga' the name of the Chinese peak where Dr. J. F. Rock made the collection. The second is 'Kulu' for the small village and forest nearby where Dr. Rock often stopped.
Collected by Dr. Rock in 1929, the plants did not flower for Mr. Gable until the early 1950's. They were often criticized as not being true R. vernicosum , although they were never so classified. The original herbarium specimens (in fruit) were designated as " R. vernicosum , aff." by Sir William Wright Smith. Flowering specimens of the two Gable clones were sent to Edinburgh in 1977, where they were analyzed in detail by Mr. H. H. Davidian. He concluded that they were natural hybrids of R. vernicosum , probably with another of the Fortunei Series.
While the two clones are very similar in flower and habit, 'Kulu' does not carry as much of the yellow overtones as 'Mount Siga', but compensates by being slightly more hardy. Either is a joy to behold in mid-spring. 'Mount Siga' was featured on the cover of the Winter 1976 issue of the Quarterly Bulletin. As parents, these plants are noted for their strong influence on the flower characteristics of their progeny.