QBARS - v33n3 Rhododendron Culture in a Terrarium

Rhododendron Culture in a Terrarium
Mark G. Konrad M.D., Sewickley, PA

For an amateur looking for an economical, practical way of raising rhododendron seed the use of a terrarium might offer the ideal solution. The terrarium exposed to a northern window will give the perfect greenhouse effect with exceptional control of humidity and temperature. The reduced maintenance is also an extra bonus. Using equal parts of milled sphagnum moss and perlite as the media the seedlings grow rapidly and surprisingly free of disease.
Of all the methods I have used this seems to be the surest. Fig. 1. shows the seedlings ('Labar Wh.' x 'Sappho') less than nine months old without fertilization. At the end of nine months the seedlings were planted directly into the soil.

Terrarium used  for growing seedlings.
Fig. 1 Photo by Mark G. Konrad, M.D.
Growing seedlings in a terrarium
Fig. 2 Photo by Mark G. Konrad, M.D.

A small amount of powdered sulfur in the watering controlled the chewing creatures. Fig. 2 shows the type of terrarium used. Vegetative propagation was not attempted but equally good results might be anticipated. Hopefully with this method every house will become green.