QBARS - v33n3 A Bibliography on Vireya Rhododendrons

A Bibliography On Vireya Rhododendrons
Richard B. Martin
South Asia Bibliographer
University of Virginia Library
Charlottesville, Va.

As the renewal of interest in these plants spreads, the need for information about them increases. There is a surprising number of references to them in the modern (post-1960) literature, but no single source has listed this diverse literature. Certainly this interest will stimulate more articles and thus require updates to this present bibliography. There are also undoubtedly many mentions and articles that do not appear here, and suggestions and additions will be welcomed and added to any updates of this bibliography that might appear. The genesis of this work was my own curiosity about the literature which in turn was the direct outgrowth of the combination of the needs of my own very modest collection of these plants and my professional work.
One item in the bibliography demands special mention. Schwartz, D. 1978. is a remarkable work issued by the New York Botanical Garden. Though it lists only a very few items on Vireyas, it is unparalleled in its wealth of materials on the more usual rhododendrons and azaleas. The annotations alone make it invaluable to any grower or admirer of the genus. The present bibliography must be considered only a supplement to this monumental work.
As noted by Hadley Osborn (1973), these plants are known by many names and this confusion only adds to the difficulty of assembling the literature. The material here was gathered from the University of Virginia Library (an extended search), a quick private visit to the Library of the New York Botanical Garden and a day-long search of the collections at the National Agricultural Library. Without the expert assistance of the librarians at those institutions, this bibliography would be very short indeed.

Rh. is used throughout as an abbreviation for Rhododendron, Rhododendrons and as title for periodical, The Rhododendron (Australia).
QBARS is the abbreviation for the Quarterly Bulletin of the American Rhododendron Society.
CRAVEN, 1973, lists a number of bibliographic items dating from before 1960 which I have not included. Several of them date from the Veitch-Javanicum period and are of considerable historical value.
Instead of annotating each item, I have used the following abbreviations to indicate the major or significant matters dealt with.
G - General information (usually includes some cultural indications)
C - Cultural instructions and propagation
E - Plant hunting and exploration (often includes habitat information which can be useful in culture as well as descriptions that overlap S, below)
S - Species, Variants & Taxonomy
H - Hybrids
Especially important or useful articles are marked with an asterisk.


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