QBARS - v33n3 American Horticultural Society Honors Edmund V. Mezitt

American Horticultural Society Honors Edmund V. Mezitt

Edmund V. Mezitt

At its annual convention in Nashville, Tenn. the American Horticultural Society named Edmund V. Mezitt of Hopkinton, Mass. to receive the Society's Commercial Citation. Mezitt, president of Western Nurseries, was honored for his work with rhododendrons, azalea and kalmia. Best known as the originator and introducer of internationally acclaimed Rhododendron 'P.J.M.', he has been actively engaged for a period of over three decades in an extensive program of rhododendron and azalea hybridization. The aims and purposes of this program were to increase the number of meritorious varieties suitable for New England and other areas of the United States and Canada with similar rigorous climates. He anticipated the need for low growing varieties and realized the untapped potential of the small leaf rhododendron. His work with lepidotes was a true pioneering effort.
Mezitt is a charter member of the Mass. Chapter, A.R.S. and served as its first president. He will chair the Breeder's Roundtable in 1980 at which time the Mass. Chapter will host the annual national meeting.