QBARS - v33n3 Francis James Sholomskas

Francis James Sholomskas
October 19, 1926 - April 7, 1979
Franklin H. West, M.D. Philadelphia, PA

The Philadelphia Chapter lost another friend and past President on April 7, 1979 when Jim Sholomskas lost his battle with cancer. He was devoted to teaching all his life. In his profession as Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Temple University; in his avocations as a sharer of information about gardening, travel, sports, and especially his beloved rhododendrons. Despite his illness, he was able to teach until November, 1978.
After that, he was studying Gable's letters in preparing a paper about species that should be more widely tried in the East. He contributed several fine articles to the Quarterly, and a chapter on Ratings and Recommendations in "Hybrids and Hybridizers". He never tired of sharing rhododendron lore, and was so skilled at identifying varieties on sight that he was sought after for Chapter truss shows as Classification Chairman, and as a leader on garden visits.
Our loss is softened slightly by the beauty of the plants he told us to try. Many of his friends are making contributions to the Species Foundation in his memory.