QBARS - v33n4 Progress in Publication of Rhododendrons in China

Progress in Publication of Rhododendrons in China
Karen Gunderson, Rhododendron Species Foundation

The ICS Project Committee is making steady progress in the hope of presenting publication, Rhododendrons of China, in the spring of 1980. Translators, Dr. Lu-sheng Chong and Mrs. Judith Y. Young report that the translation work is coming along well with portions of the finished material already in the hands of a review panel. This panel including, Dr. L. Keith Wade, Carlton. B. Lees, Dr. Mildred Mathias and others of note in the field of botany will assure correct and current usage of botanical terminology in the book.
An exciting aspect of the project came to light recently in a letter from committee member, Dr. August Kehr. One of Dr. Kehr's former students, Dr. Ting who is now teaching at the Institute of Genetics, Adademia Sinica, has reported that Dr. Li, Director of the Peking Botanical Institute was pleased to learn of the ICS project and promised full cooperation. Dr. Li will be sending 15" X 24" line drawings of species rhododendron illustrated in the Iconographia Cormophytorum Sinicorum , with Dr. Ting when he returns from Peking at the end of September. Having the larger drawings to work from the ICS Committee will be able to print full page illustrations in the forthcoming publication.
Competitive bids on the publishing project were reviewed by the committee at their meeting of August 21. The firm of Binford & Mort of Portland were awarded the job as a result of their estimated total cost being the lowest submitted.