QBARS - v33n4 Bronze Medal - Shelton Chapter

Bronze Medal- Shelton Chapter

Vernon 'Bus' Wyatt Bronze Medal Honoree
President Gilbert Johnston (left) reading
citation to Vernon 'Bus' Wyatt (right)

At their May meeting, the Shelton Chapter presented the A.R.S. Bronze Medal Award to Vernon "Bud" Wyatt in recognition of the important role he has played in the establishment and well-being of the Chapter and in the promotion of interest in rhododendrons and azaleas in this community. An established part-time nurseryman and already a Society member, Bud helped to organize the Shelton Chapter in 1960. Always generous with plants, equipment, and labor, he has been an enthusiastic supporter of community planting projects, shows, plant sales, and other Chapter activities. In past years, Bud did some hybridizing. However, being critical of his own efforts, he named and registered few plants. Such Wyatt hybrids as 'Mary Briggs', 'Hazel Smith', and 'Elfin Hill' are outstanding. Most of all, however, Bud is appreciated for the unassuming way in which he shares the information and experience he has gained through years of work with plants in general and rhododendrons and azaleas in particular.