QBARS - v34n1 New Fungus Discovered

New Fungus Discovered?
Reprinted from The Rosebay

Editor's Note: The following letter is for real. We swear we actually read it!

Weston Nurseries of Hopkinton
East Main Street
Hopkinton, Weston, MA

Dear Sir:
In May 1979 my daughter bought a Rhodo-Yakesemanum plant from you to give me. I found the plant to be covered with the disease "felt fungus". I have gone over the plant twice with a tooth brush and Malathion. The Rhoto still has the disease on it.
Can you suggest any way to cure the plant of the disease? Is it curable? I do not want this disease on my other Rhotos. Should I throw the plant away - return it to you? Please advise.