QBARS - v34n2 Book Review: Rhododendrons 1978

Book Review
Ed Egan, Portland, OR.

Rhododendrons 1978 With Magnolias and Camellias

This year's edition again has a very wide range of interesting articles. Cultural problems including petal blight on camellias and bark split on rhododendrons are discussed. Arthur Headlam has contributed another outstanding article. This time his subject is the completion of the final 50 acres of the National Rhododendron Garden at Olinda - a fascinating description of a very special garden. Chris Brickell discusses the on-going process of trying to stabilize plant nomenclature.
An experiment with magnolias by Sir Peter Smithers suggests that very few people plant Magnolias early enough in their own life time to see the plants reach maturity. The author then describes his planting program, which started in 1970, and those which are now blooming.
A Himalayan Diary by A. D. Schilling is an account of a trek into the sanctuary of the Annapurna Himalaya. The description of the vast assortment of plants including R. arboreum and R. dalhousiae to Magnolia cambellii and varieties of orchids including Coelogyne cristata was just a prelude to a frightening experience with a spring avalanche.
The flowers are not always the most striking part of a growing rhododendron. Geoffrey Gores comments on another aspect in his article, "Rhododendrons as Foliage Plants".
Other writers include R. A. Banks and Michael Haworth-Booth. Peter Cox describes several dozen new and re-introduced species and clones. Many are rare, such as R. hongkongense and R. pachysanthum .
Of course, the Rhododendron and Camellia Shows are reviewed and a list of awards and additions to the International Rhododendron Register are included.