QBARS - v34n2 Cecil Smith Awarded Bronze Medal by Portland Chapter

Cecil C. Smith Awarded Bronze Medal By Portland Chapter

Cecil Smith Bronze Medal
President Frank Mossman presents award to Cecil Smith

Few members can match the achievements of Cecil Smith. Only one year short of being a charter member of this organization, he very soon became a staunch supporter. Through the years he has opened his garden to individuals and groups, offered assistance to beginner and experienced gardeners, provided desirable cuttings, plants, seeds and pollen to those who could use them. Cecil's garden is always well represented with his plants at our auctions and armloads of trusses at our spring shows. His very fine pictures of rhododendrons in his garden and at Crystal Springs have appeared in the Quarterly regularly, including many cover pictures. He has served frequently as a show judge, worked on numerous committees, been on the board of directors, and helped organize the Tualatin Valley Chapter. He was one of the original enthusiastic supporters of the Rhododendron Species Foundation and is still a member of that board of directors. Cecil has been an outstanding member and most deserving of this award.