QBARS - v34n2 Bronze Medals - Princeton Chapter

Bronze Medal - Princeton Chapter

Alfreda Wiaczek Bronze Medal Award
Left to Right:  Henry Schannen, Princeton Chapter President;  Alfreda Wiaczek,
Bronze Medal Recipient; Lou Mcraw, Vice President and Honors Chairman

The Bronze Medal for 1977 is awarded to Alfreda Wiaczek in appreciation for her significant contributions to the Princeton Chapter. Included among her many Chapter activities are: Hospitality Committee Chairperson, Chapter Director, Refreshment Committee Chairperson and Chairperson' of the Chapter Cut Truss Show. In addition, she has contributed untold hours to working in the Chapter's display garden and has been a tireless worker at the annual plant sale.
All of these accomplishments are reason enough for the Bronze Medal Award - but her greatest gift to the Princeton Chapter is her enthusiasm and ready willingness to volunteer her time for any task to benefit the Chapter. By unanimous decision of the Board of Directors, February, 1978.

Robert and Jay Murray, Bronze Medal Recipients
Left to Right:  Robert and Jay Murray, Bronze Medal Recipients;
Patricia Pfeiffer, Princeton Chapter President

With especial pleasure we recognize a husband and wife who have earned the Princeton Chapter's highest award and this citation. Sincere appreciation for so many tasks accomplished is included in the recognition of the following actions, not only to the benefit of the Princeton and New Jersey Chapters, but the National organization as well. They range from Bob's membership on the Nearing Study Committee and his service as secretary-treasurer of the New Jersey Chapter and Jay's service as secretary-treasurer of our Chapter. Together they have ably instituted and conducted (with uncounted hours of labor) a plant exchange among members of the Princeton, the New Jersey and the Tappan Zee Chapters for 8 years making substantial plant contributions to the exchange including specially requested plants and rooted cuttings. Also, together, they supported and helped with our annual plant sales, the annual truss shows and aided with the development of the display garden. They have accepted the challenge of judging truss shows and demonstrated a keen interest in all operations of the Chapter.
For all of the above, and more, with the unanimous approval of the Board of Directors this Bronze Medal and this citation are presented to ROBERT A. MURRAY and JAY W. MURRAY at the constituted meeting of the membership assembled the tenth day of October, nineteen hundred seventy nine.