QBARS - v34n4 R. 'Golfer'

Jim and Betty Caperci, Seattle, WA

R. 'Golfer'
R. 'Golfer'
Photo by Del Gould

How would you like a rhododendron that has fantastically beautiful foliage to enjoy all year round? Add the bonus of soft, clear pink trusses against silver leaves to anticipate in the spring, and who could ask for anything more?
Just such a plant is 'Golfer' ( yakushimanum x pseudochrysanthum ). It is now 15 years old, 27 inches high and 42 inches across. The foliage is as silvery as you could imagine - a charming compliment to the different shades of green of the Rhododendrons around it. The under-surface of the leaves have thick, soft, white indumentum. With such outstanding parents, it is very hardy.
A gift to us from Warren Berg, the hybridizer, and with his blessing, the name 'Golfer' has been reserved for this plant, in honor of his wife, Pat Berg, whose hobby is golfing. A lovely plant named after a lovely lady.
Out of bloom, 'Golfer' is a spectacularly beautiful plant. Who would not want such a jewel in their garden to admire all year round? After all, the foliage is what we see 11 months out of the year.

Editor's Note:
The name 'Golfer' has been reserved for this plant by Registrar Ed Parker. It will be registered at a later date.