QBARS - v34n4 Book Review: Rhododendrons 1979-8

Book Review
Ed Egan, Portland, OR

Rhododendrons 1979-8, With Magnolias And Camellias published by The Royal Horticultural Society

Ted Richardson, a North Carolina nurseryman, describes his procedure for accelerating rhododendron growth to produce a saleable plant in less time than usual and Arthur Headlam writes about R. zoelleri including one of his always outstanding photographs. Mr. H. H. Davidian reports on a new rhododendron species R. basfordii .
A group tour through many outstanding gardens is described by Mr. Robert H. L. Jack. Among those toured were Crarae, Arduaine, Brodick and Benore. The group saw a R. campanulatum 30 feet tall with a trunk 4 feet 6 inches in circumference. The tour was conducted by the highly knowledgeable Mr. H. H. Davidian. An article by Lawrence P. Mills traces the early history of rhododendron introduction and cultivation in Britain.
Articles about the Camellia Show by A. W. Headlam and George Ayling, and about the Rhododendron Show by R. N. Stephenson Clarke are also included. There are the usual additions to the International Rhododendron Register for 1978/1979, awards at London Shows, and trials at Wisley.