QBARS - v34n4 Review of American Rhododendron Hybrids

American Rhododendron Hybrids
Frank Mossman, M.D., Vancouver WA.

This long awaited volume edited by Meldon Kraxberger is well worth having. Rhododendron enthusiasts and beginners will want to add this small paperback book to their library.
The book represents much effort on the pan of a great many prominent people in the American Rhododendron Society and is the recording of an ongoing effort to keep track of American rhododendrons and their performance in American gardens. Registered rhododendrons are listed alphabetically with their parentage and a rating of both the plant and flower with hardiness, growth habit, and blooming time.
There are six articles concerning regional hybridizing from various growing areas of the United States, and 24 color illustrations of hybrid rhododendrons. The cover is 'Goldstrike', a beautiful yellow raised by Rudolph Henny. The pictures are of good quality. Unregistered American hybrids are simply listed and where known the hybridizer is also listed.
There is also a listing of rhododendrons by height, color, and season of bloom which will serve as a useful planting guide. A new approach is a listing of good-doers for various sections of the country and will be an aide to new growers in the rhododendron field as an adjuvant to the ratings list.
Congratulations to the editor, Meldon Kraxberger, for a monumental task and to all of those who assisted her in the compilation of this considerable material.