QBARS - v35n3 10 Year Index

Marjorie W. Baird

Don't think that indexing the A.R.S. Bulletins is a boring job! One's interest is constantly stimulated by the wonderful variety of information they contain. It seems that there is everything there that a Rhododendrophile would want or need to know. A unanimous vote of appreciation should go to all our authors and editors for their dedication and effort.
To enable our members to read the 60-page 10-year Index more easily, we have used bold type for the larger subject headings; the lists of rhododendron and azalea names are at the end, as well as the lists of Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medal winners.
The author index, as before, is at the beginning. We may have more authors in the new Index (411, as compared with 362 in the 25-year Index) but the latter were certainly prolific! Dr. J. Harold Clarke led the list with 45 articles, followed by David Leach who gives many of his articles such titillating titles as "Those Limehouse Blues" and "Sex and the Single Rhododendron". Ruth Hansen brought us many interesting reports on the Portland Test Garden, among other things. Then there were Rudolph Henny, Guy Nearing, John Bacher, Jock Brydon, Cecil Smith, Carl Phetteplace, and Bob Ticknor, all with more than 16 articles to their credit. The new Index (with 641 articles in all) shows only 2 authors with over 16 articles each: Arthur Headlam, with 26 interesting Australian accounts and the hard-working, faithful Jock Brydon. Dr. Phetteplace, David Leach, and Bob Ticknor have continued to keep us enlightened and amused and Dr. Frank Mossman has joined the "prolific" group. One of our Japanese members, Hideo Suzuki, has provided some fascinating information on rhododendrons in Japan.
In the Bulletins of the last 10 years you will find more about evergreen azaleas and vireyas than before and many more of the beautiful color photographs. The committee has worked long, hard, and uncomplainingly and our typists have been admirably patient and painstaking. Many thanks to them all: (the typists) Pam Kalian, Judy Young, Kay Ogle, Renee Hill, and Betty Cottrell; (the committee) Renee Hill, Helen Moodie, Jane Waldron, and Elizabeth Lansdowne.
Again, my thanks to Brian Mulligan for checking the species list; to our understanding and cooperative printer; and especially to Ed Egan for his help and encouragement!