QBARS - v35n3 Orlando S. Pride Receives Scientific Citation

NEWS RELEASE: The American Horticultural Society

The scientific citation is presented to an individual who has given, through research, something to horticulture that is immeasurably important and different. Mr. Orlando S. Pride, to whom the society is presenting its scientific citation, was the recipient of the gold medal of the American Rhododendron Society for his pioneering work as a plant breeder and for the production of a race of super-hardy evergreen azalea hybrids. He was also the recipient of the highest award of the American Holly Society for his work in producing the Grace ilex opaca Intraspecific Cultivars. These are universally acknowledged to be the hardiest American Hollies in commerce. In addition, he was named 'Penn State Man of the Year' for his achievements as a plant breeder, landscape architect and efforts to provide, through his nursery, rare plants of quality for the eastern United States.