QBARS - v35n3 Siuslaw Chapter Presents Gavel

Siuslaw Chapter Presents Gavel
Marion May, Florence, OR

On behalf of the entire membership of the Siuslaw Chapter, A.R.S. may we present to the National Society a gavel and block made from our native R. macrophyllum wood.
When the office passed to you, George Ring, at the San Francisco Convention it was noticed that no symbol of the office was given into your keeping. We hope that this omission is now rectified by this gift, and that it will be passed on to future presidents.
The work was done by Eugene Cockeram who served as our Chapter President from 1976-1978. Gene is a talented craftsman and he acquired large pieces of the native wood when land was cleared some years ago north of Florence. This is the wood, which was stored by him and seasoned, from which these pieces were made.
May they serve you will while you are in office, and be a reminder of our "hands across a continent"...from the Pacific to the Atlantic Coast.

Gavel Presentrd to ARS President

The February meeting of the Siuslaw Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society was a memorable one. Although the group received its Charter from the National organization in 1970, they had never had a gavel for their presiding officer. In 1976-77 Eugene Cockeram was president of the local group. This year he rectified this omission. He had received a selection of unusually large native rhododendron wood, R. macrophyllum , when land had to be cleared north of Florence some years ago. Knowing the rarity and beauty of this wood he had carefully dried and seasoned it. Cockeram is a talented and skilled craftsman, and from this wood he fashioned a gavel and block for the Chapter.
At the February meeting, Dr. DeVern Pinnock, the first president of the Chapter presented this gavel to the current president, Galen Baxter, for the entire membership. It will serve as the symbol of authority of the presiding officer in all future meetings.