QBARS - v35n3 New Society Award

George W. Ring, Fairfax, VA

The American Rhododendron Society has established a new award for pioneering and original achievement in the advancement of rhododendrons. This award will be made to a person in any country who has made a significant contribution toward growing rhododendron in America. Since the award may be made not more often than once in every two years, only those persons with the highest achievements will be selected by a panel including international experts. A copy of the specifications is as follows:
DEFINITION - This award, designated as the Pioneer Achievement Award, will be made for pioneering and original achievement in the advancement of rhododendron in America.
SELECTION COMMITTEE - The selection of the recipient shall be made by a three member panel consisting of the President of the ARS, as chairman, ex offico, and two overseas members from different countries. The overseas members shall be selected by the Board of Directors of ARS for a term of two years to coincide with the term of the ARS President, and shall have a thorough and up-to-date knowledge in the genus Rhododendron .
RECIPIENT - The proposed recipient, living or dead, may be from any country so long as he has made significant pioneering and original achievement toward growing rhododendron in America.
SCOPE - The award shall be for outstanding achievement (or advances) in such areas as: original authorship; development of new plants; control of diseases and insect pests; revolutionary and innovative methods of breeding, propagation, and/or growing techniques; taxonomic studies; plant exploration; and preserving of germ plasm through selection of species.
TIME ELEMENT - The achievement under consideration for the award shall have withstood a reasonable test of time to assure its lasting value. Newly developed concepts, previously untested, must have been successfully tested in applied form for a minimum of five years.
PROCEDURES FOR SUBMISSION OF AWARD PROPOSALS - Proposals for the award shall be in writing to the President of the ARS at any time and shall document the specific achievements to be considered by the three member panel. Proposals may be made by any person in any country who believes he knows a deserving candidate. All proposals and documents shall be kept on file by the President of the ARS, and shall be passed on to his successor at the completion of his term of office. All filed proposals shall be reviewed and considered along with current proposals by the three member panel. No seconding letters are required.
PRESENTATION OF AWARD - The award shall be made at the next annual meeting of the ARS following the selection of a recipient by the three member panel. The award may not be given more often than once every two years, but may be omitted
when a deserving candidate has not been approved.
DESIGN AND COST - The President of the ARS shall appoint an ad hoc committee to determine the nature and design of the award. Costs of the award and the citation shall be defrayed by the ARS.
A contest among the members of the ARS to develop a design for the award is described in another part of the Bulletin. The winning design will receive a prize of $200.