QBARS - v35n3 Sandwich Bag Seedlings

Sandwich Bag Seedlings
Reprint from Komo Kulshan Chapter Newsletter

If you lack a greenhouse, why not try a sandwich bag? Upon the arrival of your seed package, take a sandwich bag and add ½ an ordinary household paper towel folded into a small pad and moistened with water. Sprinkle seed on moist towel. Fold down top of sandwich bag and staple or tape shut. Seeds are left to germinate at room temperature 65 to 75 degrees. When the seed develops enough roots, transplant to soil medium. Transplant carefully so as not to disturb root system. You should have about 80% success with this method. If you transplant in pot or pans you can cover with loose transparent plastic film to keep from drying out. Remove plastic cover after first true leaves develop. You can speed up growing by using fluorescent lights for roughly 12 hr. period. Watch for mold and bacterial growth on paper toweling. If this occurs your toweling was probably too wet.