QBARS - v35n3 Seattle Chapter Awards Three Bronze Medals


At the May 17, 1980, Seattle Rhododendron Society Awards Dinner, President Ralph Nicols presented Twenty-Five Year Membership Awards to thirty-five chapter members. Following these awards Bronze Medals were presented to:

"for cheerfully and skillfully taking over much of the work associated with shows, banquets, etc., and performing these tasks with zeal beyond duty's call."

BILL GRISWOLD "for his many years of service to the Society, his generosity, his irreplaceable help at our shows, his public relations efforts which have generated many new rhododendron growers and members."

RICHARD SCALES "for his untiring efforts with the Seattle Park Board and city officials in planning and obtaining a rhododendron forest at Discovery Park, and his many years as show chairman and chapter officer."

MARJORIE BAIRD was presented her long overdue certificate for the Bronze Medal she received four years ago.