Quarterly Bulletin of the ARS - Vol 35 No 3, Services to Members

The American Rhododendron Society offers many services to its Chapters and Members, including publications, seeds, pollen, slide programs, research, registrations of new hybrids, and others as given below. For further information on these services, you may contact your Chapter officers, or if needed, the National Committee Chairman and others listed below who make these services possible.
MEMBERSHIP - Applications, renewals and changes Fran Egan, Executive Secretary
SALE OF PUBLICATIONS - Books and back issues of the Quarterly Bulletin
GENERAL INFORMATION - about the Society, including how to form a new Chapter
QUARTERLY BULLETIN - receives all material pertinent to the publishing of the Bulletin, including advertising space and rates. Publishes lists of chapter officers and show dates. Ed Egan, Editor
PLANT REGISTRATION - Provides registration forms, clears proposed names for new rhododendrons and azaleas, and maintains register Edwin K. Parker, Registrar
SEED EXCHANGE - Receives, stores, and catalogues cleaned and labeled seed from contributors each fall; provides availability list to all members and fills orders William D. Tietjens, Chairman
POLLEN BANK - Receives, stores, and distributes contributed pollen. Provides availability list to contributors and Chapter pollen chairmen Marthaann Mayer, Chairman
RHODODENDRON AND AZALEA NEWS - publishes newsletter four times annually, gathers national news items and notes chapter activities. Mrs. Janet Binford, Editor, Newsletter
SOCIETY HONORS - Receives and evaluates nominations for Society recognition of service and accomplishments (Proposals for Gold and Silver medals should be submitted through a Director prior to December 15.) Alfred Martin, Chairman
Dr. John P. Evans, M.D.
Curt Huey
RATINGS - Receives and coordinates plant quality and performance data by region Newton Edwards, Chairman
Henry Schannen
Harold Greer
George Ring
Marge Farwell
PLANT AWARDS - Provides information on how to nominate plants for awards. Receives nominations and maintains list of awards by region Mrs. Hugo Schliakjer, Chairman
Howard Slonecker
Dr. E. C. Brockenbrough
Britt Smith
NOMINATIONS - Receives and considers nominations for officers of the Society Dr. August Kehr, Chairman
RESEARCH - Receives and evaluates proposals for research studies on rhododendrons and azaleas. Activates promising proposals. Dr. August Kehr, Chairman
Dr. Robert Ticknor
Dr. Robert Lamb
Dr. Keith Wade
Dr. Gustav A. L. Mehlquist
Dr. H. Hoitinck
SLIDE LIBRARY - Maintains 12 educational and entertaining programs on species, hybrids, gardens, etc., for loan to Chapters and members on receipt of deposit Western Chairman,
Dr. Herbert A. Spady
Eastern Chairman,
Gordon Jones
ANNUAL CONVENTION - Confirms host Chapters for Annual Conventions - presently reserved through 1988 Dr. John P. Evans
SHOWS AND JUDGING - Developing guidelines for holding and judging flower shows Don McClure, Chairman
Marge Farwell
PUBLICATIONS - Develops and selects information to be published by the Society Dr. Fred Coe, Chairman
Meldon Kraxberger
Ted Van Veen
Dr. P. H. Brydon
PUBLICATION INDEX - Develops an index of information published by the Society Mrs. Hugh Baird, Chairman
Mrs. John Hill
Mrs. Elizabeth Lansdown
Mrs. Lawrence Waldron
Mrs. Joseph Moodie
MEMBERSHIP - Acts for the Society to improve membership Russell Haag, Chairman
Mrs. Janet Binford
BY-LAWS - Reviews By-laws and Policies of the Board. Recommends changes as needed to keep current with Society activities Dr. Franklin West, Chairman
Alfred Martin
John Evans
Ted Van Veen
A. E. Kehr
D. M. Layman
George Ring
Esther Berry
Phil Livingston
CONVENTION PLANNING - Develop guidelines on hosting Annual Meeting of the Society Dr. Max L. Resnick, Chairman