QBARS - v35n3 Tacoma Chapter Awards Four Bronze Medals



This award is made in recognition of E. White Smith's outstanding service to the Tacoma Chapter. He is a lifetime member and has served as president, show judge, and generous worker for many chapter activities. E. White is a founder of the Tacoma Study Club and served as president. He has been instrumental in attracting new members to the chapter and played a key role during the shelter construction at the Point Defiance Rhododendron Garden. Pursuing his interest in Malesian Rhododendrons he has traveled to New Zealand and Australia and is affiliated with rhododendron groups in both countries. E. White is active in introducing Malesians at Wright Conservatory. E. White is known for his generous support of the Tacoma Chapter and willingness to share his knowledge with others.


This award is given in recognition of the long and outstanding service of Bill Avery to the Tacoma Chapter. A discerning collector of species and hybrids, Bill has been an active importer, propagator, grower and distributor of seed. Always generous with his time and knowledge, Bill has served the chapter in many capacities. He is a frequent contributor to programs at chapter meetings and with great enthusiasm actively participates in chapter shows. He has served as show chairman, show judge and has sponsored many educational awards. Bill has donated numerous plants for chapter plant sales and has generously shared his expertise of rhododendrons with all.


This award is made in recognition of the continuing and untiring efforts of Esther Avery in educating people and stimulating interest about rhododendrons. The generous giving of time and energy must be first on her long list of contributions. She is constantly searching out new techniques for making rhododendrons known and appreciated by others. Esther has been involved in almost every facet of rhododendrons including seed distribution, propagating, study, teaching, writing, growing, importing and the sharing of rare species and hybrids. Esther's enthusiasm and dedication are a source of encouragement to everyone.


This award is made in recognition of many years of service and the contribution of talent, time, and experience by Orris Thompson to the Tacoma Chapter. Orris served as chapter president, show judge, and tireless worker. He is recognized throughout the area as a successful propagator and gives many of his plants to support chapter activities. He is always there to assist at the chapter show and is an enthusiastic participant. Orris was involved in developing the rhododendron garden at Point Defiance Park and building the shelter that houses the annual chapter show. He is also a frequent contributor to programs conducted at chapter meetings. Orris Thompson is recognized for his sharing of knowledge, generosity, and conscientious service to the Tacoma Chapter.