QBARS - v35n3 The Breeding of Rhododendrons in Germany - A Book Review

Book Review
by Dr. Horst H. Witt
Agricultural Chamber of the Weser-Ems-District

The Breeding of Rhododendron in Germany (Rhododendron-Züchtung in Deutschland)
W. Schmalscheidt, Lehrund Versuchsanstalt für Gartenbau
D2903 Bad Zwischenahn, Federal Republic of Germany
1980, 83 p. Illustrated

This book by Walter Schmalscheidt of the Institute for Horticultural Research in the North-German nursery centre is an admirable attempt to cover the unknown field of breeding Rhododendron in Germany from the beginnings in the 19th century until 1930.
As a breeder of rhododendron himself the author's search for a solid basis of dates was very effective. Former catalogues, historical papers and pictures of breeder families in the Eastern and Western part of Germany are presented.
A compilation of the breeding of the famous Seidel family gives evidence about the origin of nearly 300 breeding which are even cultivated in the nurseries of today due to their extreme winter resistance.
This well-illustrated book would be very revealing for teachers and students of Horticultural High Schools, Scientists, rhododendron breeders and commercial growers. The next book is prepared to give an overlook about the breeding in Germany up to the present time.