JARS v37n1 - In Memoriam: John W. Oliver

In Memoriam: John W. Oliver

John W. Oliver, former owner of Oliver Nurseries, Inc., Fairfield, CT, died August 6, 1982. John Oliver gained national recognition in the thirties and forties for his work with Mr. B.Y. Morrison, and the subsequent introduction of the Glenn Dale Hybrid Azaleas into the New York and New England areas. In the fifties and sixties he worked closely with Mr. Warren Baldsiefen and Mr. Paul Vossberg — providing Oliver Nurseries as the initial outlet for many of their introductions such as Dexters and the newer lepidotes. During his working years in New York City, his hobby of azalea growing and experimentation, as well as his massive collection of Glenn Dale azaleas in Larchmont, New York, resulted in his being known as "the Azalea Man".