JARS v37n3 - Additional Plant Awards 1982

Additional Plant Awards 1982

Award of Excellence

'Hallelujah' A.E. (N.W.)
('Kimberly' x 'Jean Marie de Montague') Hybridized by Harold Greer, Eugene, Oregon The plant is of compact habit, 4' x 4' in 10 years. Deep green leaves are narrowly obovate, 5" x 2" and of extremely heavy texture. Ball shaped trusses bear 13 funnel campanulate flowers, 4" in diameter, and of excellent substance. Tyrian rose. Blooms in May.

Eligibility List

Name Hybridizer Exhibitor Chapter
'Black Magic' Greer Greer Eugene
'Cream Glory' Greer Greer Eugene
('Cream Glory' x 'Seattle Gold') Greer Greer Eugene
'Creamy Chiffon' Whitney Briggs Eugene
'Creole Belle' Thompson Thompson Eugene
'Everything Nice' Greer Greer Eugene
'Irresistible Impulse' Greer Greer Eugene
'Lydia' Greer Greer Eugene
'Pawhuska' Bowhan Bowhan Eugene
'Platinum Pearl' Greer Greer Eugene
'Razzle Dazzle' Greer Greer Eugene
'Red Eye' Swenson Greer Eugene
'Showboat' Phetteplace Greer Eugene
'Sugar and Spice' Bowhan Bowhan Eugene
Twilight Pink' Greer Greer Eugene
'Wild Affair' Greer Greer Eugene

Note: "The ARS Awards Program" by Dr. Brockenbrough (Spring '77 Bull.) was approved by the Bd. of Dir., May 20, 1976. It states that names of awarded rhododendrons shall be followed by award abbreviations and regional designations in all publications of the Society. Three plants awarded A.E. in 1982 were: 'Party Pink' A.E. (G.L.), 'Lodestar' A.E. (G.L.), 'Hallelujah' A.E. (N.W.).