JARS v38n1 - Bronze Medal Awards

Bronze Medal Awards

Jonathan Shaw
As a founding member, you brought to our fledgling Chapter a wealth of experience in rhododendron culture, which you generously shared with all. Under your guidance as president, the Chapter achieved significant growth, not only in numbers but in the scope of its activities. You have served the Chapter also as first editor of The Rosebay, as program chairman for the 1980 Convention, and in countless other ways. In grateful recognition, the Chapter is honored to present to you the Bronze Medal of the Society. April 13, 1983

Bernie Swensen
For your tireless efforts on behalf of the Study Group, photo shows, programs and the study course. Your generous contributions in plant material and sharing a storehouse of information on the genus Rhododendron .

Ernie Dzurick
For your generous contributions in plant material, your willingness to share your knowledge and for your steady contribution to serve on boards, committees, shows, etc.

Gwen Bell
For your enthusiasm and help at all chapter levels, judging, clerking and programs. For chairing countless committees and for sharing your knowledge of species and hybrids on a one to one basis.

Harold Johnson
We present this medal, long overdue, to Harold Johnson for many years of able assistance to every endeavor of the Chapter and to Melba Johnson, who together with Harold has been a long standing Board Member and assistant extraordinary on almost every Chapter project.