JARS v38n2 - Bronze Medal Awards

Bronze Medal Awards

Harold E. Greer
"The Eugene Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society awards the Bronze Medal to Harold E. Greer - author, lecturer, photographer, grower, enthusiast, entrepreneur, dedicated worker, Chapter and ARS officer. Eugene Chapter's Mr. Rhododendron!"

Esther Berry
For your tireless efforts in behalf of good gardening and the genus Rhododendron in particular, Grays Harbor Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society wishes to show its appreciation. For faithful service over many years, for words of wisdom, advice, and friendship, for dependability, for serving as a connecting link with the national organization and with the Species Foundation, for your very able assistance with our annual shows and for your high standards and your good example.

Robert C. Danik
We are pleased to present this award of honor and recognition to Robert C. Danik, a pioneer member of the Great Lakes Chapter for his many years of service to our Chapter as a prime mover in our National Show, many Chapter Shows, for making major contributions to Chapter Shows and auctions, and for always being ready and willing to lend a hand, to offer sound advice and to give a lift.

Bruce Briggs
For your internationally recognized expertise in all facets of Rhododendron culture, especially in the area of tissue culture. For your unselfish contribution and service on local and national committees. As a willing judge for the numerous regional rhododendron shows. As a willing speaker. For your wisdom and leadership for which The American Rhododendron Society is so reverently indebted.

Walter and Eliane Kern
To Walter for your longtime membership, dating from the organization of the Philadelphia Chapter, and your service as director as early as 1964; for your consummate knowledge and inquisitive nature as a plantsman, especially as propagator and grower of deciduous azaleas; and for your willingness to share knowledge, experience and plants with all interested persons.
To Eliane for your knowledge, skill and experience in assisting in managing an active, productive nursery; and for your warm and delightful personality.

Fred Minch
The Tacoma Chapter ARS presents the Bronze Medal to Fred Minch in recognition of his loyal service and tireless efforts for the advancement of the genus Rhododendron. Fred has made numerous azalea crosses and is particularly noted for his hybrid rhododendron Kitty. His generosity in giving both his time and plants is noted by members and others who visit his garden Fred is a faithful contributor of cuttings and plants to chapter sales.