JARS v38n3 - Bronze Medal Awards

Bronze Medal Awards

Henry R. and Helen Schroeder Steven and David Schroeder
Through their family operated Holly Hills Nursery in Evansville, Indiana, Henry and Helen Schroeder and their sons, Steven and David, have shared with the Indiana Chapter perhaps the largest rhododendron collection in the Midwest. Henry serves presently as a director of the National Society and District Director of the newly constituted District 11 of mid-western chapters. The Schroeders annually contribute a multitude of seeds to the seed exchange. The efforts of the Schroeders now extend to extensive hybridizing. Their "Hillsdale" is the first rhododendron from Indiana ever registered.

Harry L. Wise
In recognition of his dedication witnessed by faithful attendance at the functions of this chapter, requiring considerable expenditure of time and travel, to lend guidance as a member of the board of directors and as President. His avid devotion to the genus has long included extensive hybridization and seed-growing involving work with the ARS Pollen Bank and Seed Exchanges, and the sharing of knowledge gained, thus encouraging others to pursue this same interest. Actively promoting rhododendrons and azaleas in an area where they are not easily grown he has furthered the use of the genus there. He has truly been a leader and a friend to all members of the M.A.C.

Ken McDonald
In recognition of his countless contributions over a period of many years to all facets of chapter activities. He follows in the footsteps of his father, a former M.A.C. member, in furthering the progress of this chapter and promoting the use of azaleas and rhododendrons through the generous contribution of the resources of Le-Mac Nurseries. Having served as a member of the board of directors and as our President, he continues to serve in many ways with a most friendly and cheerful manner.

Sandra McDonald
In recognition of her distinguished service to this chapter as well as her many contributions on the regional and national levels of the A.R.S. Lending her skills modestly and efficiently, she has been involved in countless activities, willingly sharing her botanical expertise to increase our knowledge of the genus Rhododendron - from serving as flower show technical advisor, to authoring practical, technical, and research material for the A.R.S. journal and other publications, serving as a past national director and presently as technical advisor on the national level. She has served as a member of the board of directors, as Secretary-Treasurer and currently is M.A.C. Secretary and Newsletter Editor.

Theodore and Joanne Peterschmidt and your seven marvelous young Peterschmidts
In recognition of your years of cheerfully giving of your expertise, time, and energies, in any situation, for the furtherance of the activities of our organization, and the knowledge, growing, and display of our favorite plants, we of the North Kitsap Chapter present to you this Bronze Medal. In addition to Ted's serving as our president, you both have worked in many capacities on innumerable committees. You and your progeny are always willing, always available, and always extremely competent at any task asked of you, and we extend to you our deepest gratitude.

Lloyd E. Partain
A 1959 charter member of the Philadelphia Chapter, subsequently active in the Potomac Valley Chapter and currently in the Philadelphia and Valley Forge Chapters, Lloyd, with several others, was responsible for introducing Glenn Dale azaleas for testing in the Delaware Valley during the early 1950s. His encyclopedic knowledge of soil condition and plants, his ability and willingness to share this knowledge and enthusiasm for azaleas and rhododendrons have earned him the sobriquet Mr. Azalea. Teacher, counselor, friend, we take pleasure in presenting this Bronze Medal to LLOYD E. PARTAIN.

Philip A. Livingston
A 1959 charter member of the Philadelphia Chapter, and maintaining his interest and support through the years, Phil, with several others, was a pioneer in testing Glenn Dale azaleas in the Delaware Valley. Co-editor of "Hybrids & Hybridizers", his knowledge of azaleas and all ericaceous plants, his willingness to share knowledge of propagation and cultivation have been incentives to many azalea and rhododendron enthusiasts. We take pleasure in presenting this Bronze Medal of the Society to PHILIP A. LIVINGSTON.

Ronald E. Burnett
In appreciation of his work for the Rhododendron Society and especially for his devotion to the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden:
For his reliable, willing, and capable attendance to various projects such as the R. occidentale bed west of the parking lot:
For his help in setting up facilities for rhododendron shows and removing same for the season, for moving and relocating rhododendron beds, making seawall repairs and acting as a right hand for Julius Winters:
For his generosity in providing the use of his pick up and hand tools on many garden projects and for acting as a guide to many occidentale hunters.

Richard Cavender
In appreciation of this member's dedicated contribution to the welfare of the Portland Chapter, active as the club's treasurer since 1976. Also having served as the early show chairman for two years, running the ticket booth and serving on the nominating committee. All of these duties were performed in a most commendable manner reflecting great credit to the Portland Chapter.

Sandy and Connie Sanders
The Potomac Valley Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society awards to Sandy and Connie Sanders The Bronze Medal in appreciation for their many contributions to the chapter and to The Field of Horticulture.

Faith Christensen
If ever a person lived up to their name it is Faith Christensen. Faith has been the example of reliability and participation. Her management of the Tualatin Valley Chapter Library and Book Sales program, over many years, has been one of dependability and quality. We have all benefited by her generosity in support of the Jenkins Estate rhododendron planting. With joyful enthusiasm she has participated in the Study Group and in all aspects of the chapter's life and has graciously given of plants and cuttings from her garden.