JARS v38n3 - Gold & Silver Medal Awards

Gold Medal Award

Gold Medal presentation to Dr. John P. Evans
Janet Binford, Dr. John P. Evans, Fleurette Evans


You are a unique human being. Were we to draw up a set of characteristics that make a great member, a great leader and a great person, you would be a perfect prototype. Your contributions to your Chapter, to your region, to your Society, and to the genus Rhododendron have few equals. A roll call of the ARS leaders who have enthusiastically endorsed this recognition would read like a Who's Who of the American Rhododendron Society. One of them expressed the feelings of all when he said, "There is nothing that he touched that was not better for his effort. With the deepest appreciation, the American Rhododendron Society's highest award, the Gold Medal, is awarded to


By unanimous approval of the Directors of the American Rhododendron Society March 31, 1984.

Silver Medal Award

Silver Medal presentation to H. Furman 
Cantrell, Ph.D.
H. Furman Cantrell, Ph.D., Janet Binford


It would be difficult to find another ARS member who is more deserving of recognition for contributions on a regional level. In addition to substantial contributions in many and varied activities and offices for your Chapter and your area over a long period of time, you conceived, nurtured and brought to fruition an outstanding regional conference that is now the standard for such meetings. You have contributed generously and unselfishly of your time and experience as a hybridizer, propagator, author, and speaker. You were recently appointed Chairman of Membership Committee of the ARS where your unique skills will have national impact. It is with sincere gratitude that the Silver Medal is presented to


By unanimous approval of the Directors of the American Rhododendron Society this 28th day of April, 1984.