QBARS - v3n2 Awards For New Plants

Awards For New Plants

The American Rhododendron Society will grant awards to hybridizers and growers of rhododendrons for outstanding new plants. For the past several years, the number of new hybrids, and varieties brought into bloom has steadily increased. Hybridizers and growers are now in possession of fine new plants, and recognition of their achievement will be accorded by the Society.
Many new plants have and are now being developed; almost all have been named by their owners. At this time, before many are lost in a maze of duplication, and changed names, the American Rhododendron Society will inaugurate a system of registration. An accurate description of form, and color comparison with the Royal Horticultural Society Color Chart will give positive assurance of correct plant identity. The registration will also include a description of foliage and plant habit. Hardiness will be an approximation but it is hoped in succeeding years to establish the true hardiness of any plant registered.
It is to be hoped that the Society will in this manner attain a singularity in plant nomenclature, affixed to a specific plant e.g. if a plant has received an award its description of color and corolla form will establish its identity in a positive manner. Registration of crosses that have bloomed will also be undertaken, and the cross summarily named by the hybridizer. Plants must be brought in bloom before they can be registered and named. A person will not have the opportunity to name a cross if it has not been brought into flower, for the long years of waiting for flower in many instances will find other hybridizers making the same cross and it would be highly unfair to list a cross that has just been made without seeing the results.
Plants whose parentage has been lost may also be registered, as may those where only one parent is known.