QBARS - v3n2 Minutes of Meeting of the A.R.S., Portland, Oregon, 02/24/49

Minutes of Meeting of the A.R.S., Portland, Oregon, February 24, 1949
Mrs. Ruth Hansen, Secretary

The first regular annual meeting of the American Rhododendron Society was held in the Journal Building Auditorium on the evening of February 24, 1949. The meeting had been postponed from January 27 due to inclement weather.
The meeting was called to order by President John Henny. The reading of the minutes of the previous meeting were dispensed with. Mr. Henny then called upon Mr. Burnaugh to read the results of the election returns which are as follows: President Mr. C. I. Sersanous; Vice President, Mr. Lester Brandt; Treasurer, Mr. Sherman Green; Secretary, Mrs. Ruth M. Hansen. Directors: Mr. Geo. Grace, Mr. John Henny, Mr. R. M. Gatke, Mr. Donald Graham, Mr. Byron Mulligan, and Mr. E. N. Eisenhower.
Mr. Henny then called Mr. Sersanous, Mr. Green and Mrs. Hansen to the front and turned the meeting over to Mr. Sersanous, the new President. Mr. Lester Brandt was unable to attend the meeting. Mr. Sersanous gave a brief talk on his past business experiences which made all present realize more than ever how very fortunate we are in having so fine a business man at the head of our organization for the next two years.
A panel discussion on Species conducted by Mr. J. Brydon, Mr. Rudolph Henny, Mr. Lancaster and Mr. Bacher was most interesting.

Q. What 3 species would be selected for a small town garden?
Ans. Mr. R. Henny: R. augustinii , charianthum , and oreotrephes . Mr. Lancaster chose R. augustinii , griersonianum and williamsianum . Mr. Bacher chose R. chaetomallum , haemaleum and floccigerum .

Q. Which species would you select for a rock garden?
Ans. Mr. R. Henny: R. hippophaeoides , leucaspis and russatum . Mr. Bacher: R. racemosum , pemakoense , chryseum , sphaeranthum and ledoides . Violas and Pulmarias make good associates with these species.

Q. What are some desirable species for the woodland?

Ans. Mr. R. Henny: R. falconeri , eximium , decorum , fortunei or discolor .

Q. What are some fine reds in species?
Ans. Mr. Lancaster: R. neriiflorum , griersonianum and thomsonii .

Q. Name some foliage plant?
Ans. Mr. Bacher: R. bureavii , fargesii and phaeochrysum or any of the Taliense Series.

It was a bit early to tell the full effect of our severe winter. However, Mr. Bob Walker stated that R. arboreum which is supposed to be tender has come through in fine condition.
A plant auction followed this discussion which netted the organization $111.00
Slides of species were shown by Mr. Bacher. Mr. Lem of Seattle sent a slide of one of his apricot seedlings, a cross of 'Lady Bessborough'. It was a very fine apricot color and received much favorable comment.
Mr. Geo. Grace gave a talk on the Dr. Rock expedition and stated that seeds from about 190 different species had arrived. This included seeds of Rhododendrons, Primulas, Magnolias, etc. The seeds are to he measured out and sold in packages of $1.00 each or 12 packages for $10.00. Mr. Bacher offered to germinate anyone's seed for 50 cents a package in lots of 4.
As this concluded the business for the evening. The meeting was adjourned by Mr. Sersanous.