QBARS - v3n2 Minutes of Meeting of the A.R.S., Portland, Oregon, 03/22/49

Minutes of Meeting of the A.R.S., Portland, Oregon, March 22, 1949
Mrs. Ruth M. Hansen, Secretary

Meeting was called to order by President, Mr. Sersanous in the auditorium of the Irvington School. Minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.
The Secretary was then instructed to read a notice of change to be enacted in our By-laws which is as follows: "The board decided to eliminate the January meetings due to our severe weather conditions at that time. It further approved monthly meetings of February, March, April and May: omitting the summer months and continuing again during September, October and November. No meeting during December. The Month of May is to be our annual meeting month, the time so arranged as to have the meeting come at show time."
Mr. Sersanous urged everyone to bring in new members. He then told about the Visitors Information Center needing color in the foundation planting. As it was the desire of the Directors to have color around their building. Mr. Sersanous thought it might be arranged to have potted rhododendron plants used for this purpose. He also suggested that we approach the Oregon State Hwy. Commission to have them use more rhododendrons and azaleas in their plantings.
Mr. Bacher told of talking to Mr. Mulligan, of Seattle, about a Seattle show this year. It seems that the City is undertaking it large scale Garden Festival during the Month of May so the rhododendron show will be omitted. Mr. Bacher stated firmly that we should do the same, omit our show this year. Mr. Bacher felt that there was more need to place rhododendrons at the Information Center than to have a show.
Mr. Sersanous made the announcement that on April 20th Mr. John Henny, Mr. Grace, Mr. Clarke and Dr. Bowers will leave New York to attend the Rhododendron Conference in London.
Notice was made of the National Convention of the Confederation of Garden Clubs to be held here in Portland, May 22nd to 26th.
Mr. Bacher showed some fine slides of both old and new hybrids. Mr. Clarke of Long Beach, Wash. was then introduced. He spoke on "Developing a System of Nomenclature For Hybrid Rhododendrons." Mr. Clarke formerly has had 25 years experience in the Dept. of Agri. in New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station. He has worked constantly with the breeding of small fruits and the naming of new varieties.
Mr. Clarke contends that in purchasing hybrid Rhododendron, we don't know whether we are buying a seedling or a named variety. This practice is not followed in the propagation of any other woody plant. When you buy a Fruit tree, for instance, you buy a part of the original tree and you know you are getting what you ordered, because it was propagated its a clone and not a seedling.
Mr. Clarke suggested that a simple set of rules for nurserymen could be established, that a system of registration should be set up so that new varieties could be registered, and that a committee be named to study the subject.
A plant auction followed this talk which brought in $83.50.
A panel discussion conducted by Mr. Brydon, Mr. John Henny, Mr. Harmes and Mr. Grace proved most interesting.

Q. What is your selection of red hybrids to give succession of bloom?
Ans. 'Cornubia', 'Gill's Crimson', 'Earl of Athlone', 'David', 'Rubina', 'Red Cap'.

Q. What do you consider best blues?
Ans. 'A. Bedford' gives better trusses more upright and conical than 'Blue Peter'. Foliage better than 'Blue Peter' but flowers same. 'Susan' better when half open, fades quickly in full bloom.>

Q. Of the 'Loderi' varieties which is best?
Ans. All are considered of equal quality. 'Pink Diamond' is pinkest to start with but fades quickly. 'Venus' lasts longer. 'King George' has cleanest foliage.

Q. What are some of best whites?
Ans. 'Loder's White' always considered one of best. 'White Swan', 'Polar Bear' and 'Albatross' are among the newer varieties ranking in top.

Q. Name what you consider best yellows?
Ans. 'Dianne' most yellow, 'Penjerrick', 'Butterfly', 'Souv. W. C. Slocock', 'Demaris', 'Bo-Peep', 'Adrian Koster' and 'Mrs. Betty Robertson'.

As this discussion concluded the business Mr. Sersanous adjourned the meeting with the announcement that the next meeting would be held on April 19th.