QBARS - v3n3 Minutes of Meeting of the American Rhododendron Society, Portland, Oregon, May 27, 1949

Minutes of Meeting of the A.R.S., Portland, Oregon, May 27, 1949
Mrs. Ruth M. Hansen, Secretary

Meeting was called to order by President, Mr. Sersanous in the Auditorium of the Irvington School. The April minutes were read and approved.
Mr. Sersanous told of going to Tacoma, Wash., to see their first Annual Rhododendron Show May 7th. He congratulated the City of Tacoma on putting on such a fine show and he expressed his appreciation for the great enthusiasm the people of that city have for rhododendrons.
Mr. Sersanous then introduced Mr. Leonard Frisbee of Tacoma, Wash. Mr. Frisbee gave a talk on the recent Tacoma show. He then gave the aims of the Tacoma Rhododendron Organization.
The 5th Annual American Rhododendron Show which was held May 4th and 15th was primarily a flower show. It was very well attended. There were almost 300 cut trusses entered in the cut bloom class. Mr. Sersanous expressed his thanks and deep appreciation to everyone who helped to make the show a success. Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Harmes were most gracious in opening their beautiful garden to visitors. The Dr. Corbin Cup was won by Mr. George Grace for the second time.
Plans are already under way for a 1950 show to be held in the same place the Chamber of Commerce Information Center. It will be preferably on Mothers Day.
Dr. George, head of Mt. Hood Transportation Co. was then introduced. He spoke on the possibility of growing rhododendrons on Mt. Hood. He told of the lush growth the native rhododendron makes on Mt. Hood and its abundance of bloom make it one of our most outstanding plants. Dr. George suggested that the American Rhododendron Society proclaim a Rhododendron Week for June 10th to correspond with the blooming of the rhododendrons on Mt. Hood. He also suggested the possibility of having a test garden on Mt. Hood with the cooperation of the U. S. Forest Service.
Mr. Sersanous then presented Dr. George with a dozen packets of seed from the Rock expedition to be propagated and then used on Mt. Hood.
Slides of new rhododendrons were shown from the collection of Henny and Brydon. Mr. Bacher commented that the Dr. Rock seeds may be sown with good success at the present time.
Meeting adjourned by President.