QBARS - v3n3 Rhododendron Specifications

Rhododendron Specifications

Rhododendrons of Merit that bloomed in the Seattle Area, Spring 1949

Unnamed Hybrid:
R. 'Lady Bessborough' x R. 'Loderi' var, 'King George'  Cross made by Halfdan Lem, Seattle, Wash. Flowers: Narrow funnel shaped, 5" across, 2¼" deep, widely expanded at mouth.   Color: Upper lobe of corolla chartreuse green 663/1, throat same color, lower lobes a lighter shade 663/3, throat lightly flecked on upper lobe with cardinal 822/. Truss: 9 flowers, 3" rachis, loose and informal. Foliage: Lanceolate, 2½" wide, 7¾" long, petiole 1".

Unnamed Hybrid:
R. 'Peter Koster' x R. 'Loderi'.  Owned by A. P. Fredrickson, Seattle.  Cup winner at Tacoma show.  Flowers: Widely campanulate, 4½" wide, 2" deep. Color: Cherry red 722/2, fading to 722/3, no markings. Truss: 7" high, 7½" across, rachis 3⅝", 12 to 15 flowers.  Foliage: Lanceolate, 1¾" wide, 7" long.

Rhododendron 'Mrs. Horace Fogg'
R. griersonianum x  R. 'Loderi' var. 'Venus'.  Cross made in 1944 by C. E. Ridgway, Kirkland, Wash., U. S. A. Seedlings all grown by H. L. Larson, Tacoma, Wash., U. S. A.  Flowers: 5½" across, 2¼" deep, 5 lobes.  Truss: Huge truss with nine flowers. Rachis: 2¼" high.  Foliage: 2¼" wide, 7" long, 2" petiole, dark green above, light green below, lanceolate, thick, leathery.  Color: Corolla neyron rose 633/2, throat crimson 22, tips of corolla neyron rose 623/1.

Rhododendron Unidentified
Grown from seed by H. L. Larson, Tacoma, Washington, U. S. A.    Seed came from British Rhododendron Society, London, was sent along with seeds of R. souliei . Corolla: Straw Yellow 604/1.  Buds: Mandarin Red, 17.2 fading Chinese yellow 614/2.  Flowers: 3½" across, 1½ " deep, campanulate, pedicles 1", 8 flowers to truss, 11 stamens. Foliage: 6¼" long, 2⅞" long, ovate, slightly auricular.