QBARS - v3n4 Minutes of Meeting of the American Rhododendron Society, Portland, Oregon, September 15, 1949

Minutes of Meeting of the A. R. S., Portland, Oregon, September 15, 1949
Mrs. Ruth M. Hansen, Secretary

The first Fall meeting of the American Rhododendron Society was called to order by President Mr. C. I. Sersanous in the Auditorium of the Journal Building. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph DeClements of Bremerton, Washington, were introduced as members coming from the greatest distance to attend the meeting. There was also a fine representation from Salem, Oregon.
Mr. Sersanous explained to the membership why the date previously set for our meetings had been changed from the 4th Friday of the month to the 3rd Thursday of the month. This change was necessitated as we could not secure the use of the Irvington School for every 4th Friday due to school functions but we could have the use of the Journal Auditorium for the 3rd Thursday throughout the year. It was deemed advisable that we accept the offer of the Journal; so from now on all meetings will be held on the 3rd Thursday of the Month.
Mr. John Henny, Chairman of the By-laws committee, was then called upon to read the corrections to the By-laws. A discussion followed this reading pertaining to Art. 1 Sec. (e) in which the continuance of an Annual Book was questioned. Due to the cost of financing both a cloth-bound book and a larger Quarterly Bulletin, we find that it is impossible to continue both. Members were called upon to voice their opinions as to whether they would prefer having a good book published only every two or three years and to continue with a larger Bulletin or to eliminate the Quarterly Bulletins. Several members in the audience stated that they were in favor of having a larger Bulletin in preference to a Yearbook. It was suggested that the Society publish a Book every three years in which information on Awards, Test Gardens, Membership etc., be given.
A motion was then made that the Society print a book every three years and continue with a larger Bulletin. The motion was seconded and unanimously carried.
Mr. Sersanous then talked on Membership stating that the Society need more members, that this is a National Organization and should be looked upon as such and not a local society. The tally of members within a 50 mile radius of Portland is 165, that of Seattle, taking in the Tacoma and Olympia areas, is 115 members. The New York, Penn., New Jersey and Maryland area boasts 39 members.
It was suggested that we have a committee of from 3 to 5 members to work on a Membership Committee. Mr. Sersanous then appointed Mr. Ted Hansen as Chairman of the Membership Committee. Mr. Sersanous then asked Mr. J. Harold Clarke of Long Beach, Wash., and Mr. Peffer of Salem to serve on this committee for their area.
Mr. Sersanous then told about the recent Directors meeting which was held at the University of Washington Arboretum as a guest of Mr. Brian Mulligan, Curator. At this meeting the Directors approved of establishing a Code of Nomenclature, to set up an Award Committee and to make certain changes in the By-laws.
Dr. J. Harold Clarke, Chairman of the Nomenclature Committee and author of the Code of Nomenclature, was then called upon to read his full report "Nomenclature and Registration. Various members were then called upon to express their opinions of this report. Everyone gave it his hearty approval as its importance to both the commercial grower and the amateur are realized by all.
A motion was made that we accept the report of the Nomenclature Committee. The motion was seconded and it was voted unanimously to accept the Report. (Report will be published in October Bulletin).
Mr. George Grace was called upon to report on the Herbarium Specimens of the Dr. Rock seeds. These specimens have been returned from Edinburgh, Scotland all identified and the report will be published in the October Bulletin.
A question then came from the floor asking about incorporating a small society with a national society. Mr. Sersanous stated that a committee would work out a system whereby we could have Chapters, but so far it bad not been fully acted upon.
After a short recess Mr. John Henny told briefly about his recent trip to England and then showed some beautiful slides of rhododendrons which he had taken in England.
Meeting adjourned by Mr. Sersanous.