JARS v40n2 - Bronze Medal Awards

Bronze Medal Awards

Ed Siegmund
The Eugene Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society proudly presents the Bronze Medal to: Ed Siegmund for his contributions to the Eugene Chapter and the Rhododendron Species Foundation. He has served as Chapter President, on the Board of Directors and has chaired various committees, including the Show Committee. His dedication to the Species Foundation is exemplified by serving nine years as Treasurer and on the Board of Directors since the inception of the Foundation. His dedication to gardening and service to these organizations is exemplary.

David J. Williams, M.D.
The Eugene Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society proudly presents the Bronze Medal to David J. Williams, M.D. in recognition of the many hours of service that he has devoted to the Chapter as Vice-President, President and Treasurer; for his generosity and humor; for his helping hands during show times and for the artistic and literary license that he exhibits each month as Editor of the Newsletter.

L. Frank Maranville
The Shelton Chapter proudly presents the Bronze Medal Award to L. Frank Maranville in recognition and appreciation for his many years of willing and unselfish service to our Chapter. He has served as President three times and has found time to chair many committees of importance to our organization. We appreciate his generosity with plant material, and through his efforts, the willing aid his employer gave us for printing needs, plus wood chips for our show. Frank is a species rhododendron enthusiast with an unique garden filled with superior species forms, many of which he raised from seed. He is a hard worker in the Rhododendron Species Foundation and is well known to the organization. Frank and his wife Evelyn are the first in our Chapter to offer their home for the Bed and Breakfast program. Touring rhododendron enthusiasts will find them congenial hosts and excellent ambassadors for the Shelton Chapter. We in the Shelton club see in Frank one of our most willing, cooperative, and dependable members. Thank you, Frank.